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ATOM Electrolyte Effervescent 20 Tablets | Pink Lemonade

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REHYDRATING  & REFRESHING: ATOM electrolyte effervescent tablet is a unique formula packed with essential minerals sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B and C. The non-GMO, GMP-certified, 100% vegetarian, dope-free supplement is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and is 3 rd party lab-tested. The effervescent tablets come in refreshing flavour and are designed for active people to stay hydrated and replenish the lost electrolytes during excessive sweating.

KEEPS YOU RECHARGED TO PERFORM BETTER: Dehydration can make you feel, fatigued, sluggish and less capable of performing at your best. The electrolyte effervescent tablets are the perfect supplement for hikers, runners, marathoners, endurance cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, and those who engage in physically demanding activities that lead
to fluid loss and electrolyte depletion. Sodium and Chloride help maintain fluid balance, calcium and potassium contribute to better muscle contraction, and magnesium assists in energy metabolism.

REDUCES MUSCLE CRAMPS: Exercise induced painful contraction of muscles occurs during or immediately after muscular exercise. As per studies, a decrease in the concentration of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride as a result of sweating during exercise may be a crucial factor in the development of exercise-induced muscle fatigue. Electrolyte supplements, by providing the necessary minerals, can help prevent muscle cramps, allowing you to perform better and for longer durations.

HELPS MAINTAIN OPTIMAL FLUID BALANCE: Electrolyte effervescent tablets help you replenish the lost minerals, reducing the risk of dehydration, which can negatively impact performance. Many people find the effervescent tablets more palatable than plain water, making it easier to stay hydrated during exercise. ATOM effervescent supplement is
convenient to carry and use on the go, which can encourage regular hydration.

PROMOTES FASTER RECOVERY: Faster recovery means you’re better prepared to perform in subsequent workout or competitions. Electrolyte deficit will increase thermal strain, mental fatigue, muscle cramps and degrade aerobic performance. Consuming electrolyte effervescent tablets post-exercise can contribute to faster recovery by replenishing
lost electrolytes and promoting proper hydration which can have the most significant impact on your ability to regain balance.

SUPPORTS MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: During training, repeated muscular contractions are required to move the loads placed on a given muscle group. Dehydration during workouts can lead to reduced endurance, decreased muscle strength, and impaired cognitive function. Optimal performance requires a consistent and adequate supply of the essential minerals and proper hydration. Electrolyte supplement helps you to stay topped up with adequate amounts of electrolytes and allow for sustained performance in the gym.