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Zenith BCAA 250g - Watermelon Flavor

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GO STRONGER FOR LONGER: Zenith Sports BCAA is a nutritional sports supplement designed for a long duration, high-intensity exercise when you’re trying to top up your strength and push yourself further. Our formula offers the synergistic impact of nutrients in a refreshing watermelon flavour. Each serving delivers an optimal blend of leucine, isoleucine, and valine in 2:1:1 ratio. The supplement is 3rd party lab-tested for assurance on purity and potency.

RAPID ONSET OF ACTION: BCAA are a unique group of amino acids which are in free-form, require no digestion and are primarily metabolized within the muscle itself, as opposed to being broken down by the liver. Although Whey is a relatively fast-digesting protein, BCAA in Whey are peptide-bound to other amino acids, and it still takes several hours for all amino acids to be broken down and absorbed into the plasma. The quicker onset of action of BCAA in BCAA supplement allows for faster muscle-building results.

INCREASED RESISTANCE TO FATIGUE: Muscle fatigue is the main limiting factor for physical performance during prolonged exercise. Central fatigue is characterized by the reduction in muscle force and is associated with increased plasma levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin. BCAA nutritional supplement gets metabolized in skeletal muscle, reduce cortisol levels, improve focus
during exercise and enhance recovery. 

ENERGIZE YOUR WORKOUT: When glycogen stores run down during the endurance exercise, BCAA prevents physical performance from deteriorating by getting oxidized to supply additional energy. The included grape seed extract works as a potent source of antioxidants to alleviate exercise-induced oxidative stress, promoting better circulation and bone strength. Citrulline delays the onset of fatigue during intense exercise, glutamine supports gut health, improves recovery and prevents muscle breakdown.

PROMOTE MUSCLE GROWTH: Muscle protein is in a constant state of turnover, meaning that new protein is continuously being produced while older proteins are being degraded. It is asserted that BCAA induces an anabolic state by stimulating muscle protein synthesis, which may be limited by the lack of availability of any of the essential amino acids. Together with combined vitamin B6, BCAA improves protein and fat metabolism, increasing muscle synthesis.

PROTECT LEAN MUSCLES: By supplementing with BCAA, the body is less likely to consume its own amino acid stores, acting as a key to preserve muscle stores. This is particularly beneficial when you are on a calorie restriction diet and during high intensity training, where your body enters a catabolic condition characterized by protein breakdown and muscle wasting. The sodium and
Potassium functions as electrolytes to maintain fluid balance, prevent hypertension and support heart health.