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ATOM Whey Protein Isolate

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30g FAST ABSORBING PROTEINATOM Whey Protein Isolate has high biological value, it is low in carbs, fat, calories and offers the strongest protein content per serving (30g). Whey isolate has a high absorption rate and is processed much faster than other forms of protein. Ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve performance and build muscle. The ultra-filtered Whey is manufactured at FSSAI approved and GMP-certified manufacturing unit and is 3rd party lab-tested for assurance of purity and potency.

RAPID ABSORBING PROTEINATOM Whey Protein Isolate is a micro filtered composition that assists in faster absorption by the body. The deliciously flavoured supplement has digestive enzymes on board to assist in better absorption of protein. The rapidly digesting protein will get to muscles faster, will ensure your muscles are not sore after the workout, and overcome fatigue faster. The valuable supplemental source offers 6.1g BCAA and 13g EAA which keep you powering through workouts and help your desired body-building goals faster.

IMPROVED LEAN MUSCLE MASS: The composition of protein supplements, the timing of consumption, and the quantity of protein will serve as critical factors for the improvement of muscle mass and function. Compared to other sources of protein, Whey Isolate will initiate faster muscle repair and protein synthesis post-workout. Whey Isolate will make hitting your fat-burning goals easier to achieve while maintaining maximum muscle mass. The superior protein will speed up the time it takes to regenerate muscle tissue and shift muscles from a catabolic state and an anabolic state.

FASTER POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY: Repeated high-intensity workouts induce muscle damage, increase muscle soreness, reduce muscle strength and range of motion. Consuming fast-absorbing Whey Isolate after resistance training can give your muscles a kickstart by providing an adequate supply of a complete range of essential amino acids. Whey Isolate shake after training helps delay protein degradation, reduces strength loss associated with intense training, maximizes recovery, and promotes muscle regeneration and muscle protein synthesis.

BETTER WORKOUT SESSIONS: ATOM Whey Isolate is a valuable supplemental source for maximizing muscular function during resistance exercise. Whey Protein Isolate combined with resistance training will maximize the adaptive response of skeletal muscle to resistance training, reduce muscle breakdown and stimulate a significant increase in muscle mass and function. By initiating faster muscle recovery and regeneration, the protein supplement will allow for regular intense training.

INCREASES MUSCLE STRENGTH: Post-exercise protein consumption may result in improved whole-body protein synthesis and translate into increases in muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy. Athletes aiming to maximize muscle strength would greatly benefit from enhancing whole body anabolism. When the training volume, frequency, and duration are adequate, Whey Isolate will help achieve greater gains in muscle strength. The superior quality protein due to its amino acid content (especially leucine) and due to its rapid digestibility promotes reduction in body fat and increase in muscle mass and strength.