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Zenith Nutrition Hairfab

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EASILY ACCESSIBLE HAIR NUTRIENTS: Most people in the modern-day complain of hair issues owing to the lack of proper nutrition. Being vegetarian can further deprive you of essential nutrients due to compromised diet intake. HairFab contains a blend of active vitamins and trace minerals included as per the RDA limits. The vegetarian formulation is designed to give you accessibility of hair nutrients on a daily basis. The dietary supplement is manufactured in a GMP-certified unit and has gone through stringent testing for assurance on quality and potency. 

NOURISHES HAIR & SCALP: Vitamins in the formula help in strengthening hair follicles, cell turnover and maintaining healthy hair.Iron supports hair growth by promoting healthy circulation, transporting oxygen and other essential nutrients to hair follicles.Magnesium participates in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body including the growth of hair.Zinc supports healthy hair growth by maintaining healthy hormone levels, and metabolism. Selenium plays a role in protection from oxidative damage as well as hair follicle morphogenesis. 

HELPS CONTROL HAIR FALL & HAIR THINNING: The integrity of normal hair function relies largely on an adequate and balanced nutritional intake, essential trace elements deficiency, genetic conditions, hormonal imbalance or stressful events, which can alter the hair growth cycle equilibrium. Zinc contributes to the production of keratin, it is a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression and accelerates hair follicle recovery. Copper plays an important enzymatic role in the production of crosslinks in elastin and collagen fibers in the dermis. Chromium and biotin help thicken hair strands. 

PROMOTES STRONGER & HEALTHIER HAIR:Vitamin A helps improve circulation to the scalp, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron which is an essential mineral for hair growth, vitamin E seals in moisture, keeping hair shaft from drying out and appealing dull. Immune systems can sometimes attack the body’s own hair follicles, causing poor growth and hair loss.Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining immune health. Biotin helps breakdown proteins into amino acids necessary for hair growth. The B-vitamins promote cellular metabolism and provide energy to the cells.

HELPS PREVENT PREMATURE GREYING OF HAIR: Low-calorie diet intake or diet deprived of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and proteins, can lead to hair loss, structural abnormalities, and pigment changes. The supplement includes copper, which is an essential component of melanin, the pigment in hair and skin. Copper helps stimulate dormant hair follicles. Inositol, calcium pantothenate help prevent premature greying of hair by keeping hair moisturized, strengthening hair follicles and promoting scalp health. Vitamin C acts as a mediator necessary for collagen fiber synthesis.

CONTRIBUTES TO PREVENTING HAIR DAMAGE:A good hair care regimen and healthy diet can prevent hair loss and hair damage. Vitamin E helps in creating new hair follicles, zinc plays an essential role in hair tissue growth and repair. Vitamin B6 plays a key role in contributing cysteine incorporation in hair cells. The vitamin and mineral combination help counteract the oxidative stress responsible for hair follicle degeneration. Selenium contributes in an essential way to the mechanisms of protection from oxidative stress and free radicals that can negatively influence the morphogenesis of the hair follicle.