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AS-IT-IS ATOM Shaker bottle 800ml | BPA free | Durable| Leak Proof | With Mixer Ball

MRP: Rs. 355.00

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BPA-FREE/FOOD-GRADE: ATOM shaker bottle complies with Indian Standard IS 10910 on ‘specification for polypropylene and its copolymers for safe use in contact with foodstuffs and drinking water. The BPA-free plastic shaker ensures that no harmful chemicals leach into your drink, which is safe for your health.


SLEEK/COMPACT DESIGN: The lightweight, portable shaker bottle has a tapered shape, and sharp branding label. It comes in white and black colour which aligns with the brand image and offers a sporty, minimalistic and modern look. The matte finish provides a subtle, elegant look that adds to visual appeal.


LEAK-PROOF/WITH MIXER BALL: The ATOM shaker bottle is provided with a removable mixer ball that helps break clumps, evenly mix ingredients and achieve a consistent blend of your favourite supplements. The bottle has a secure closure mechanism to prevent spills or leaks during shaking and transportation.


EASY TO READ MEASUREMENTS: The shaker bottle has 800ml liquid holding capacity and comes with integrated water level markings on the side, which helps users accurately measure liquids, and powders making it easier to prepare the beverage. The ATOM shaker bottle is ideal for shakes, water, pre-workout supplements, electrolyte drinks, and meal-replacement shakes.


LIGHT, STURDY, DURABLE: The ATOM shaker bottle is a versatile and practical choice for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts. The easy-to-clean shaker bottle is tough, will last a long time and stands out as an excellent companion in your fitness pursuit.


NO-SLIP GRIP: ATOM shaker bottle is designed to have a transparent look (allows you to see the contents inside), a wide-mouthed twist on lid with a flip-top cap (for easy opening and drinking). It features textured grips on the sides for a secure hold, especially when your hands are wet or sweaty.