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AS-IT-IS Nutrition Mass Gainer - 1.5kg Combo | Carb & Protein Ratio 2:1| Do-It-Yourself Mass Gainer | Unflavoured

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THE PURE/AUTHENTIC BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT: While the conventional mass gainers provide you with ready to use blended carb and protein which include the digestive enzymes, flavour, fat and sugars, AS-IT-IS do-it-yourself mass gainer provides you with a provision to mix the balanced amount of carbs and proteins according to your requirement. The combo includes pure carb which is 100% maltodextrin and labdoor certified Whey Protein Concentrate. The supplements are of high purity and do not contain soy, dairy, yeast, flavour, enzymes, sweeteners, sugar, cheap fillers, preservatives, and additives. The vegetarian supplements are 3rd party lab-tested and come with unique authentication method to verify the authenticity of the product.


FULFILS HIGH-CALORIE REQUIREMENT: To gain weight or body mass, your calorie intake should be more than what you burn. Managing 6 meals a day to meet the high-calorie needs may not be a feasible option for most of us. If you are someone who leads a busy lifestyle and can eat only as many calories as you burn, the chances of you gaining weight may get ruled out. AS-IT-IS Mass gainer supplement provides you with quantified carbs and protein in an easy to make, convenient and quick shake. 2 serving of AS-IT-IS pure carb and 1 serving of Whey Protein provides you with 359 calories, 24g protein, 62.5g carb, 5.4g BCAA. Consuming mass gainer with milk 30 minutes post-workout helps you to meet the high-calorie requirement to get the desired weight gain results.


INCREASES MUSCLE POWER & WEIGHT GAIN: Studies suggest that post-exercise glycogen recovery and muscle protein synthesis can be enhanced with a combination of maltodextrin and highly bioavailable Whey protein. The stress hormone cortisol secreted during a workout has a catabolic effect. Not replenishing your body with proper carbs will make your body rely on muscle tissue for protein and convert it into glucose, the net result being the loss of muscle tissue. Supplementing a shake of high glycemic maltodextrin and whey protein together creates positive energy balance, will allow for insulin to be released (anabolic hormone), resulting in increased muscle mass and weight gain.


QUICKLY REPLENISHES GLYCOGEN STORES: Our on-the-go lifestyle and rapid metabolism make it difficult to get enough calories and proteins needed for muscle growth. AS-IT-IS pure carb or maltodextrin are purified, concentrated, easily-digestible, non-sweet complex carbohydrate powder made of hydrolyzing non-GMO corn starch. Fast-digesting pure carb not just helps replenish your glycogen stores quickly, but due to its low osmolality, it is very convenient for obtaining isotonic or hypotonic solution which helps maximize hydration in sportspeople. This means effective delivery of nutrients to muscle cells and thereby effective recovery. The BCAAs in the Whey Protein activates muscle protein synthesis and help in muscle recovery.

ENHANCES ENDURANCE CAPACITY: Proper nutrition plays a key link between your training and performance goals. Following a hard workout, it is critical to get carbs and proteins to the muscle cells as fast as possible. Carbohydrate depletion is one of the limiting factors for endurance sports such as marathon and bodybuilding. Restoring glycogen content during recovery from prolonged, high-intense exercise is pertinent for athletes and bodybuilders seeking to maximize performance in repeated exercise bouts. Maltodextrin has a high GI that ranges from 85 to 135, it raises serum insulin levels quickly as it is easily absorbed by the gut. Taking pure carb (maltodextrin) supplement during your exercise delivers rapid energy to the working muscles and prolongs your endurance capacity.

OFFERS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE RESULTS: The do-it-yourself mass gainer provides excellent assistance to gain weight and build muscle for both men and women. Muscle glycogen stores have a close influence on the ability to execute repeated high-intensity contractions. Reduced rate of glycogen breakdown may help reduce fatigue which directly relates to increased performance capacity. The pure carb provides you with the right kind of calories with a nutritive value of 4Kcal/g for hitting at the gym and to put on body mass. The raw Whey provides you with the right amount of protein and BCAA to add on muscle mass.