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AS-IT-IS Nutrition Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss 250gm | 100% Natural & Unprocessed | Unroasted Coffee Arabica

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100% NATURAL & UNPROCESSED: AS-IT-IS green coffee bean is raw, fresh,
unroasted and obtained from coffee Arabica. The Arabica coffee plant is highest in
the amount of polyphenols. Our green coffee beans are 100% vegetarian and high-
quality product.

PACKED WITH ANTI-OXIDANT: Green coffee bean contains richest natural source
of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a biological compound with potent anti-
oxidant properties that helps protect DNA, proteins and lipids from damage caused
by oxidative stress.

ASSISTS IN HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS: Raw green coffee bean is a best known
natural source for its potential for weight loss. It helps regulate blood sugar levels,
which is critical to maintaining healthy weight, boosts metabolism and aids in healthy
and sustainable weight loss.

ACCELERATES METABOLISM: The chlorogenic acid helps reduce carbohydrate
absorption which contributes to lowering blood sugar levels and insulin spikes. It
helps reduce fat accumulation and insulin resistance.

ENHANCES ENERGY LEVELS: Green coffee bean is thermogenic in nature and
helps your body metabolize fat faster than normal. Through increased metabolism
and faster fat burning, it releases a constant supply of energy.

fights free radicals and detoxifies your system. This can have positive effects on your
mood and body like increased response time, wakefulness, focus, fatigue and