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AS-IT-IS ATOM Performance Whey | With Safed Musli & Mucuna Pruriens | For Faster Recovery | Highly Bioavailable

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FAST-ACTING/QUICK-RELEASE PROTEIN: ATOM Performance Whey comprises a blend of the best anabolic proteins, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. The fast-acting, quick-release protein is high in essential amino acids and combines cutting-edge muscle-building additions. The delightfully flavoured Performance Whey is formulated with digestive enzymes to assist in a higher level of absorption and better utility of protein. The 100% protein derived from Whey and milk is manufactured in a GMP-certified unit and is 3rd lab-tested for validation on purity and potency.

ASSISTS IN FASTER RECOVERY: Athletes training multiple times a day may have an elevated need for rapid recovery to facilitate a subsequent training session. Beyond just glycogen replenishment, the Performance Whey improves endurance, peak power output, delays the onset of fatigue, and decreases muscle damage. Every serving of the supplement provides 20g fast-acting Whey protein, 12g carbs, and muscle booster blend. Tribulus Terrestris extract promotes larger gains in strength and lean muscle mass. Safed Musli extract has adaptogenic properties, it helps regulate physiological response to training. Mucuna Pruriens extract helps improve focus during the performance.

PROTECTS FROM MUSCLE LOSS: Consumption of a combination of protein and carbs after resistance training optimizes training adaptations. Carbohydrates have been shown to have a protein- sparing effect, decreasing rates of muscle protein breakdown. Resistance-trained individuals in a calorie-deficit state will particularly benefit from the combination of protein and carb as it significantly offsets any potential loss of lean muscle mass. The supplement is an effective strategy for shifting total body protein balance to the net anabolic side.

PROMOTES GREATER MUSCLE STRENGTH: As per studies, consuming a blend of carbohydrate and protein, typically Whey Protein, results in greater muscle strength and muscle size in response to resistance training. Daily provision of essential amino acids through Whey Protein combined with carbs will serve as a necessary composite of an adequate energy intake to support muscle protein synthesis and for the maintenance of muscle strength. When training stimulus is adequate (frequency, volume, duration) is adequate, protein supplementation will enhance gains in muscle strength in both trained and untrained individuals.

HELPS ADD SERIOUS MUSCLE MASS: Skeletal muscle protein alternates between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown. When carbohydrate and protein blend is consumed before exercise, it results in a larger anabolic response. Carbs maximize the muscle glycogen stores, delay fatigue, making for a better workout and stronger muscles. Coupling resistance workout with carbs helps replenish glycogen stores and prevent glycogen depletion. The highly bioavailable, fast-acting protein with its excellent range of essential amino acids will favourably affect the muscle protein synthesis rates which allow for improved body composition.

SUSTAINS MUSCLE MASS: The ability of athletes to train every day depends largely on the adequate restoration of muscle glycogen stores. Muscle glycogen is the primary fuel that gets oxidized to produce ATP to sustain the contraction of skeletal muscles during intermittent and continuous exercise of varying intensities. Adequate restoration of muscle glycogen stores requires sufficient consumption of dietary carbohydrates. Maintaining muscle mass during weight loss is critical to ensure peak performance. Performance Whey includes the balanced ratio of high-quality Whey Protein and carbohydrates which help spare muscle mass, preserve muscle function and performance.