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AS-IT-IS Nutrition 100% Pure Carb | Carbohydrates for Weight Gain | Unflavoured | Lab Tested

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100% PURE CARB/ 3 rd PARTY LAB-TESTED: AS-IT-IS Pure Carb is a dietary supplement made from 100% maltodextrin, which a polysaccharide (number of simple sugars connected together) produced from non-GMO corn. The pure carb is produced from the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch followed by purification and spray drying. The resulting white powder is of high purity, free of soy, dairy, yeast, flavour or any other additives and has been 3 rd party lab-tested for assurance on the same. Pure carb is easily digestible, absorbed rapidly as glucose, provides sustained energy levels to help build muscle mass and support weight gain.

MALTODEXTRIN IS A GREAT CARB SOURCE: Maltodextrin holds an upper hand when compared to other carb sources because of its glycemic index (GI- the measure of how quickly a food source raises blood sugar and hence insulin levels). While monosaccharides like fructose, sucrose and dextrose are good sources of carbs, their glycemic rate is less than that of maltodextrin, which means they may not be digested quickly and does not raise insulin levels to any great degree. Maltodextrin is
absorbed directly through the gut, may raise blood sugar levels quickly. Because maltodextrin is metabolized slower than dextrose, there will not a quick drop of insulin and blood sugar levels as with dextrose.

HELP REPLENISH GLYCOGEN STORES: In the recovery mode, your body tries to replace the carbohydrates that have been depleted or used up. Consumption of high GI foods like maltodextrin during this period helps to replenish muscles glycogen stores quickly. The pure carb will result in a quick energy boost and ideal level of insulin boost to maximize the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. With the extra boost of energy, maltodextrin gives users the ability
to improve endurance and to recover faster after intense workouts. Studies have demonstrated a super-compensation of glycogen stores when carb source is consumed immediately post-workout and delayed consumption attenuates the rate of muscle glycogen re-synthesis.

THE IDEAL BULKING AGENT: By providing 4 calories per gram, maltodextrin serves as a top source of fast calories and energy for those who intend to increase body mass. It has been found that a combination of maltodextrin with protein can promote enhanced glycogen recovery and stimulated muscle protein synthesis, help improve muscle strength, muscle power and sports performance. Maltodextrin helps to decrease net glycogen breakdown when consumed pre-workout while it serves
as the best carb source to replace the used glycogen when consumed post-workout. Combination of pure carb and protein may work as an effective option to increase body mass by stimulating protein synthesis and helping reduce muscle catabolism.

CONSUME HIGH GLYCEMIC FOODS POST-WORKOUT: The hormone cortisol (stress hormone) secreted during your intense exercise has catabolic effects. Unless properly replenished, cortisol will trigger the breakdown of muscle protein for glucose (a process called gluconeogenesis), the net result is a loss of muscle tissue. Post-workout maltodextrin consumption maximizes the release of insulin (anabolic hormone). For athletes, those who do intense workouts, bodybuilders, weight trainers, maltodextrin can serve as the quick, easy to digest source of calories and energy. It can be easily added to the mass building and recovery shakes.

PURE CARB IS VERSATILE: Maltodextrin has a flavour that is somewhere between tasteless to hinting of sweetness. It does not affect the flavour and other product characteristics. Its texture, easy miscibility and bland taste make it extremely beneficial to be combined with fruit shakes, protein shakes or sports drinks. Maltodextrin can be used as thickeners for soups and gravies, helps to enhance the tenderness and the texture of cookies, cakes, muffins and other bakery products. Maltodextrin can be used as a thickening agent for protein shakes or a texturizer for frozen products, canned fruits, juices and pudding.