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AS-IT-IS Nutrition L- Arginine Capsules

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100% AUTHENTIC, DOPE-FREE: AS-IT-IS L-Arginine is a 100% vegetarian, unadulterated amino supplement which is DOPE-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and calorie-free. The supplement maintains an authentic single-ingredient profile by offering exactly what’s on the label.


UNFLAVOURED, EASY TO CONSUME: The easy-to-swallow capsules simplify supplementation, allowing hastle-free integration into your daily routine. The supplement does not include colours, sugar, fillers, additives, preservatives. The non-GMO supplement is manufactured in a GMP-certified unit and is 3rd party lab-testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety.


BOOSTS NITRIC OXIDE & MUSCLE PUMPS: L-Arginine serves as a precursor to nitric oxide, a vasodilator that helps enhance circulation. Improved circulation delivers additional nutrients to the working muscles increasing the pump-effect making muscles look stronger and harder.


IMPROVES ENERGY LEVELS: L-Arginine works as a precursor to the synthesis of Creatine, which helps to meet energy demands of high-intensity workouts. By promoting efficient circulation, L-Arginine ensures more efficient supply of nutrients, elimination of waste, also enhanced energy production, leading to increased endurance and stamina over time.


SUPPORTS MUSCLE RECOVERY: L-Arginine has a role in removing toxic nitrogenous metabolites such as lactate which accumulates in the muscles during intense physical exercise. Lactate is known to cause muscular fatigue and reducing its levels can turn into increased stamina and faster recovery.  


ENHANCES PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: Vasodilation effect by L-Arginine may play a role in optimizing physical performance by supporting efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrient to working muscles. Oxygen is crucial for aerobic energy production and increased supply can be particularly beneficial for endurance activities and overall exercise capacity.