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AS-IT-IS ATOM 100% Pure Carb 1kg | For Faster Weight Gains | Reliable Source of Fast Calories |130 Kcal Energy

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THE 100% CARB: ATOM 100% Carb is maltodextrin derived from non-GMO corn and obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch followed by purification and spray drying. The non-GMO supplement is manufactured in a GMP-certified unit, is 3rd party lab-tested, and is free of banned substances and preservatives. The supplement comes in delightful flavours to give you an appealing experience. Compared to glucose, fructose, dextrose, and sucrose, the glycemic index of maltodextrin is higher which means it helps to quickly replenish glycogen stores.

EFFECTIVE WEIGHT GAIN TOOL: Maltodextrin offers 4 calories per gram, it digests fast and absorbs rapidly to create a caloric surplus required to gain weight. When your body breaks down maltodextrin, you’ll be receiving a quick boost in energy required for longer workouts. The longer and harder training means you can increase gains in the gym at a more rapid rate. The high glycemic carb will facilitate the influx of amino acids and nutrients into muscle cells and contribute to greater muscle and body mass gain.

ENHANCES MUSCLE POWER: Muscle glycogen is an essential determinant of muscle power during intense workouts. Depending on the exercise duration and intensity, the ability of muscle glycogen stores to maintain the metabolic demand diminishes over time which reduces the muscle power. Glycogen synthesis is a relatively slow process and restoration of muscle glycogen stores through the consumption of carb supplements like maltodextrin will facilitate the faster restoration of glycogen stores and muscle power.

BOOSTS WORKOUT CAPACITY: Perception of fatigue during prolonged exercise parallels decline in muscle glycogen. Reduced glycogen breakdown or increased glycogen content may help reduce the onset of fatigue during workouts and support performance capacity. Maltodextrin reduces net glycogen breakdown during long duration exercise and helps sustain energy levels during endurance-oriented exercises. A boost in energy contributes to faster set completion and allows you to workout for longer and extended time.

LIMITS MUSCLE DAMAGE: In people who have very little body fat and little muscle, exercise alone will not result in a significant increase in protein synthesis. Maltodextrin supplementation increases protein synthesis suggesting a reduction in muscle tissue damage and protein degradation. Although muscle can have a catabolic effect post workout, it is primed to shift to an anabolic state in the presence of the right nutrients. Consumption of maltodextrin post-workout will increase muscle amino uptake which is the key to limiting muscle damage.

CONTRIBUTES TO FASTER RECOVERY: For rapid recovery from prolonged exercise, it is crucial to replenish muscle glycogen stores and initiate muscle adaptation. The combination of maltodextrin and protein promotes enhanced glycogen recovery, reduces protein degradation, and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Post-workout consumption of maltodextrin significantly improves the net protein balance by reducing muscle breakdown. Consuming the carb and protein supplement post- workout will have a more positive influence on subsequent exercise performance.