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AS-IT-IS Nutrition Peanut Butter (Natural & Unsweetened) 1Kg

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100% NATURAL, NO ADDED SUGAR: AS-IT-IS Peanut butter stands out on its commitment to using single ingredient – made from only 100% natural, roasted peanuts, without the use of added salt, sugar or oil. The supplement is made in a GMP-compliant facility and undergoes 3rd party lab-testing to ensure excellence in purity and quality.


UNREFINED, UNPROCESSED: A serving (2tbsp) of Peanut Butter offers 9.6g protein, 3g dietary fiber, 4.4g polyunsaturated fats with zero transfat and zero cholesterol. The natural peanut butter is unrefined and unprocessed and tends to separate oils rising to the top. Stirring the Peanut butter before use helps to reintegrate the oil and maintain a consistent texture.


UNFLAVOURED VEGAN PROTEIN: AS-IT-IS Peanut butter is non-GMO, gluten-free, contains no palm oil, sweetener, flavour, preservatives, ensuring a pure and authentic taste. It comes packaged in a convenient, resealable jar, which guarantees that you can enjoy the richness of Peanut butter down to the last spoon.


CREAMY & CRUNCHY VARIANTS: The nutritious, quick, convenient and satisfying snack comes in creamy and crunchy variants that cater to diverse sensory experiences. Creamy Peanut butter has smooth and velvety consistency, while crunchy Peanut butter contains small pieces of peanuts, providing a coarser and textured feel.


QUICK SNACK, ENERGY BOOSTER: A serving of Peanut butter provides a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and moderate carbs. While fats contribute to sustained release of energy, protein content keeps you full and satisfied, carbohydrates serve as a source of quick energy.


VERSATILE, CONVENIENT JAR: AS-IT-IS Peanut butter spreads effortlessly on bread, toast, or any snack of your choice. Use Peanut butter as a topping, mix into smoothies, make no-bake energy bites, or include into your favourite recipes to add delightful flavour to your dishes. There’s nothing more indulgent than licking natural Peanut butter off the spoon.