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AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Carnitine Capsules

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 AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Carnitine 500mg, 60 Capsules | Boosts Energy & Performance | Zero Fillers | Lab-Tested

HIGH-QUALITY PRE/POST-WORKOUT AID: L-Carnitine capsules are easy to swallow vegetarian dietary supplements that help to increase muscle carnitine levels and play a chief role in energy production through fat metabolism.  It enhances your performance and is suitable for both men and women.

 3rd PARTY LAB-TESTED SUPPLEMENT: The premium vegetable cellulose capsule is 3rd party lab-tested for purity and meets the highest purity standards. It is free of allergen, binders, fillers, sugar, starch, artificial colours, gluten, corn, sodium, soy, yeast and dairy.

 HELPS INCREASE EXERCISE CAPACITY: The vital energy booster transports long chain fatty acids to the mitochondria to convert them into usable energy. This, in turn, reduces depletion of muscle glycogen stores. It is a perfect supplement for anyone who wants to increase the efficiency of exercise.

 POTENT FAT BURNER: It is a great supplement that aids in fat loss and helps build lean muscles. It enhances fat metabolism by transporting fat into the mitochondria where they are metabolized into ATP for energy. L-Carnitine transforms fat cells into energy which would otherwise be stored as fat and thus contribute to clearer bulk.

 HELPS RECOVER FASTER: L-Carnitine optimizes how your body uses fat as a fuel source, leading to greater exercise performance and recovery. Through increased energy output, it helps to speed up the muscle recovery during workouts, decreases fatigue and helps recover faster.

 HELPS MAINTAIN OVERALL GOOD HEALTH: Carnitine increases the cellular energy production, helps enhance blood flow to the muscles, and thus reduces oxidative stress which contributes to healthy ageing. Apart from aiding in exercise recovery and fat loss, it also efficiently improves cognitive function and supports heart health.