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Zenith Sports L-Arginine - 60 VegiCaps | 1000mg per serving of 2 caps | Muscle Building | Promotes Stamina & Endurance

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MOST RELIABLE & 3rd PARTY LAB TESTED: The arginine capsules are made from naturally sourced ingredients. The formula contains no preservatives, soy, corn, yeast, sugar, artificial colors or flavors. It undergoes a stringent process of third-party lab testing to ensure every batch has exactly what it says.  

 PROMOTES LEAN MUSCLE MASS:  L Arginine is an essential amino acid that has the highest proportion of nitrogen from the whole spectrum of amino acids and is an important part of complex proteins. Nitric Oxide will help promote blood flow, which means more oxygen reaches your muscles. Increased blood flow to your muscle means more muscle gains and vascularity, leaving you looking your best.

 SUPPORTS BIGGER PUMPS & GAINS: Besides promoting blood flow, Arginine is also well known for energy production and is perfect for weightlifters, athletes, runners, and everyday active people. When you fuel your body with the pump-inducing powerhouse, you can expect to train longer, harder and more efficiently.

 ENERGIZE FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE: L-Arginine helps your body manufacture Creatine, which contributes to potential energy production required to boost your performance. Arginine promotes better blood flow to the muscles which may assist in peak performance.

 HELPS IN DETOXIFICATION: Arginine helps lower the presence of ammonia in the blood, which is a byproduct of protein breakdown. Raised levels of ammonia reduce glycogen formation which hinders energy production and leads to muscle fatigue (a declined muscle ability to generate force) via aerobic glycolysis and consequent lactic acid production. 

 AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS: As a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO), Arginine elevates the formation of NO which not only supports increased blood flow but also has implications on obesity. Nitric Oxide increases the function of lipase, an enzyme that facilitates the breakdown of fat. NO increases the activity of biological molecules that favor the burning of fat.