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Zenith Nutrition Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 5000mcg, Energy & Metabolism - 100 Veg capsules

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HELPS BUILD STAMINA: Vitamin B5 helps to reduce body fatigue and sets the metabolic activities of the body on the right track. It increases the stamina of the human body to perform various tasks in an efficient and healthy way. Its supplementation is especially suitable for active individuals and athletes.

PROMOTES GOOD SKIN HEALTH: Vitamin B5 helps in the production of fibroblasts in the middle layer of the skin (the layer where wrinkles are formed), boosts collagen and elastin production, delay the premature aging, helps heal wrinkles on skin and age spots. Studies have revealed that vitamin B5 has moisturizing effects on the skin, enhances the healing process of skin wounds, and reduces the number of acne-related facial blemishes when taken as a dietary supplement.

STIMULATES HORMONES: Vitamin B5 intake may help lower cholesterol and levels of blood triglycerides or fat in people who have high cholesterol. It has an impressive benefit of keeping good heart health and maintain healthy blood pressure. Vitamin B5 also strengthens the hair.

BOOSTS IMMUNE & MENTAL HEALTH: Vitamin B5 helps strengthen the immune system of the body and decreases the chances of body contracting infections and diseases. Our body relies on Vitamin B5 to help the adrenal glands produce stress hormones during psychological and physical strain. It is potentially useful for dealing with anxiety and fatigue.