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Grape Seed Extract 500mg - 60 Veg caps

MRP: Rs. 640.00

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NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Grape Seed Extract is loaded with antioxidants especially proanthocyanidins which offer effective protection against free radical damage. It has a positive effect on blood pressure, may benefit heart health, promote wound healing, help manage healthy cholesterol levels, has a positive impact on diabetes and promote better cognitive abilities.

PURE & POTENT INGREDIENT: The supplement is derived from grape seeds which are a rich source of proanthocyanidins. Procyanidins in grape seed extract have demonstrated to exert a superior anti-oxidative effect. The vegetarian, easy to swallow capsules contain the trusted ingredients and are free of gluten, fish, egg, lactose, flavour, sugar, salt, colour. They undergo rigorous lab testing for assurance on purity and potency.

SUPPORTS HEART & BLOOD VESSELS: Supplementation with the grape seed extract is found to help protect the blood vessels and heart from being affected by the free radical damage. Grape seed extract manages the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. It prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which has been found to have a direct impact in causing plaque buildup which enhances the risk of heart ailments.

PROMOTES HEALTHY CIRCULATION: Research demonstrates that antioxidant in Grape Seed Extract helps to protect the endothelial lining of the blood vessels from oxidative damage. Injury or damage to the blood vessels makes inside of the blood vessels tighter and rough which can affect the normal flow of blood. Grape Seed Extract benefits by protecting inside lining of the blood vessels, help in their relaxation and maintain healthy blood pressure.

BOOSTS OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: Grape Seed Extract helps improve carbohydrate metabolism which is very useful for the body muscles when they are unable to maintain optimal aerobic energy production. If the body switches to anaerobic energy production, the body would have to suffer from lactic acid build-up and fatigue.

PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: One of the most beneficial health benefits of grape seed extract is that it helps in boosting collagen production. The oxidation of skin cells due to free radical damage weakens your skin, makes it less elastic and more susceptible to wrinkles and cracking. The antioxidants in grape seed extract help reduce signs of aging, restores your skin’s healthy appearance, reduces wrinkles and makes your skin stronger.