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Ginkgo Biloba With Bilberry Lutein- 60 Veg caps

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GINKGO BILOBA WITH BILBERRY LUTEIN A POTENT ANTIOXIDANT DEFENSE: Antioxidants are beneficial to the human body for a number of reasons. They fight free radicals that harm the integrity of cells. Gingko Biloba supplement is made from the antioxidant-rich leaves of the gingko tree which contain bioactives including flavonoids and terpenoids that are thought to have big health benefits. Lutein has been demonstrated to exert an extremely potent antioxidant action by quenching singlet oxygen and scavenging free radicals. Biberry is the richest natural source of anthocyanin, which are key bioactives that contribute to its powerful antioxidant benefits.

GINKGO BILOBA WITH BILBERRY LUTEIN IMPROVES COGNITIVE HEALTH: Ginkgo Biloba is particularly called adaptogen herb, it helps balance and fight stress hormones. It naturally relaxes body and mind. The improvement in cognitive function is attributed to gingko’s antioxidant properties and its positive effects of circulation. Ginkgo has been shown to improve the uptake and utilization of glucose and oxygen to the brain by improving circulation. Over fatigue can lead to tiredness and mental block, making productivity hard to achieve. Ginkgo is found useful for cerebral insufficiencies like confusion, headache, mood swings, and helps improve brain performance.

GINKGO BILOBA WITH BILBERRY LUTEIN BOOST IMMUNE FUNCTION: Dietary supplementation with Ginkgo Biloba extract enhances the immune function by increasing the number of T lymphocytes, increasing phagocytosis of macrophages, decreasing the expression of serum inflammatory cytokines. The high anthocyanin content of bilberry may have the antimicrobial benefit and help to protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress. Studies support the hypothesized immune-enhancing effects of lutein through enhancing the monocyte function. The powerful combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoids counteract the free radicals that counter the immune cells. 

GINKGO BILOBA WITH BILBERRY LUTEIN SUPPORTS EYE HEALTH: Bilberry may be effective in reducing light-induced oxidative stress. It has been shown to strengthen the blood vessels in the eye and may protect both lens and retina from oxidative damage. Anthocyanidins improve circulation in tiny blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood in individual cells may increase the production of rhodopsin, a protein necessary for near vision, and may help reduce eye discomfort. Studies have revealed that high concentration of carotenoids with bilberry has a high impact on eye health.

GINKGO BILOBA WITH BILBERRY LUTEIN BENEFITS HEART HEALTH: Bilberry is one of the richest natural sources of anthocyanins, which are polyphenolic components that promote cardiovascular health by antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, positive effects on plasma lipid levels, and modulation of endothelial function. Bilberry supports the lining of the blood vessels and in regulating cholesterol levels. Heart health mainly depends on the activation of inflammatory cytokines, studies have found the beneficial role of lutein in lowering the blood concentration of inflammatory cytokines. Gingko Biloba promotes blood circulation, regulates blood lipids and inhibit inflammatory factors. 

GINKGO BILOBA WITH BILBERRY LUTEIN BENEFITS SKIN & HAIR HEALTH: Bilberry extract facilitates healthy blood circulation which may improve the supply of oxygen and keeps the skin cells active, hydrated, smooth and clear. The sustainable blood flow ensures the delivery of nutrients to the scalp, while its antioxidant properties eliminate the formation of dead cells on the scalp so that scalp gets enough protection. Lutein increases skin hydration, elasticity as well as protects the skin from UV rays. The carotenoids in lutein may be able to block the formation of melanin pathways, decrease cytokines, and increase antioxidants.