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Chromium Picolinate

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CHROMIUM PICOLINATE IS SAFE & HEALTHY NUTRIENT AID: Chromium Picolinate is an essential trace mineral, which is considered essential, because it is involved in the critical metabolism of macromolecules, insulin signaling pathways, helps improve skin health, healthy metabolism and energy levels. Zenith Nutrition presents Chromium Picolinate, which is derived by combining chromium with picolinic acid (a natural mineral chelator), which facilitates its better absorption rate. The nutritional supplement is 100% natural, easy to swallow, free of preservatives, corn, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten or any other form of

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE HELPS REVERSE INSULIN RESISTANCE: Chromium’s best-defined role is to facilitate the action of insulin. Insulin is a vital hormone that helps regulate blood sugar in your body. Insulin dysregulation, also known as insulin resistance, is implicated in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and weight gain. Chromium supplementation may serve as a natural approach to reverse insulin resistance or an early rise in blood sugar.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE HELPS REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR: Chromium does the critical job of enhancing the activity of insulin, thereby the cycle of insulin resistance can be halted. Insulin resistance does not let glucose or other building blocks like proteins and amino acids into the cells. Without chromium, insulin is less efficient at controlling blood sugar, building proteins and you are most likely to develop high blood sugar and cholesterol.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH: Deregulated cholesterol levels may result in an increased incidence of cardiac attacks. Daily supplementation with chromium has been shown to significantly reduce total cholesterol, reduce levels of triglycerides and total LDL cholesterol. Chromium does this by increasing insulin sensitivity and through its effects on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE ASSISTS IN HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS AID: While insulin resistance has been found as a precondition in many illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and stroke, Chromium supplements are claimed to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Chromium Picolinate helps lower fasting blood sugar level and helps decrease fat accumulation. Since chromium has a chief role to play in normal metabolism of carbs,
proteins and fat, supplementing with chromium allows for an increased breakdown of fat in the body leading to weight loss.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE AIDS BETTER COGNITIVE RESPONSE: Studies have shown that healthy insulin response helps in maintaining brain health and cognitive function. Because of its role in improving glucose levels, chromium may act as a beneficial modulator of brain function. Chromium is linked to healthier hypothalamic function, helps improve and reduce symptoms of depression like intense sugar cravings. Chromium may have an effect on specific neurotransmitters in the brain which help support age-related memory decline.


Directions: Take one serving after food or as directed by the physician. Store in a cool, dry place.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. There are no guarantees that every person using this product/service will see the expected results for sure. Results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.

Warnings: Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.

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